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Renewable Energy

SQE have been involved with renewable energy projects since 2005 and have seen the rise in popularity of renewable energy projects. In the last few years SQE have worked on projects totalling over 400MW, with many more in the pipeline.

We have provided combined CDM Coordinator, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor health and safety support roles on ground mounted solar PV Installations on projects up to 37MW and roof mounted installations up to 10,000m2.

We have provided the CDM Coordination on a variety of wind farms up to 39 three blade horizontal axis turbines and a number of other renewable projects including

• Energy from waste centres
• Hydro electric
• Ground source heat
• Battery storage systems

Whatever your renewables project, and whether you are a Principal Contractor looking for Health & Safety support or a Client in need of an experienced Principal Designer or CDM Advisor, SQE can assist you in achieving your Health & Safety compliance.



SQE have noticed an increase in the amount of renewable energy projects which we have been approached to undertake. Since the introduction of the feed in tariff solar panels on residential properties have become common place and this has expanded through to larger solar farms.

The increased uptake in solar energy has vastly driven down the manufacturing cost of panels while increasing the efficiency. Because of this solar farms have proved a viable option for green energy production.

The land is not just left to stand as a solar farm. Once completed the land can still be farmed, often used for grazing sheep or goats and have been known to help increase the biodiversity in some areas.

With the immediate future now firmly set towards battery storage facilities in order to help stabilise the UK’s power network and the proposed tidal lagoons. The renewable energy sector in the UK is moving from strength to strength and SQE are pleased to be helping it on its way.

picture of windmills and solar panels. SQE offers environmental consultancy in a range of sectors

For further information or to discuss a project please contact us or view our case studies.

T: 029 2036 2033 E: info@sqe.ltd.uk