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Integrated Management Systems

Many companies now have multiple management systems in place. This places a high administrative burden on staff and is time consuming, as well as reduces the resources available to dedicate to achieving business goals.

SQE will integrate your management systems to make running them less time consuming and less expensive. We help you work towards the implementation of one overall Integrated Management System (IMS) on site that will ensure the correct management of all key aspects of existing systems, so as to enable the company to function smoothly and achieve its aims.

Implementation of an IMS on-site brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Reduction in duplication (and therefore the cost of staff time spent running the system)
  • A consistent streamlined system that is easier for employees to understand and work within
  • The opportunity to balance conflicting objectives
  • A reduction in the time spent carrying out internal auditing
  • A client recognised Management System
  • Increasing the time available to allow the company to focus on its business goals

Although there are no standard solutions to quality management, there is a structured approach that can be used to ensure that each organisation gets exactly the system it requires for the effective management of its individual business.

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